Our Customers

Our Customers

Casa Conde (Europe) supplies Padrón peppers to an exclusive customer base in London, which includes restaurants, shops and several wholesalers.

In Spain, our well-established parent company, J.J. Conde market and distribute Padrón peppers to establishments in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza. Effective advertising in other Spanish regions are increasing interest in our offering.

What They are Saying

"Adding Padrón peppers to our tapas menu is proving a very successful move. Our chef loves the versatility offered the product and so do our customers. The combination of Padrón peppers and cold meats is particularly successful." - Marcos, Restaurant Manager, East London.

"Padrón peppers are enjoying wide acceptance amongst our customers. We recently increased the amount we order but it seems we will have to increase it again in a few weeks time. The peppers combine very well with ethnical dishes, specially those from the Far East." - S Patel, Local Supermarket Owner, South London.

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